A filmbull Review of: Teen Comedies You Most Likely Haven’t Seen

Gregory’s Girl

This teen comedy is about this boy who starts to fall for a new girl who joins his soccer team. Even though it’s funny, there are swear words throughout the movie. This movie is an old one but still funny. The accents in the movie aren’t as many expect and there’s lots of dubbing so Americans can understand it but it still is a hilarious movie that brings back the old time movies.

To this day there is fighting in Uganda. Many are over there trying to help but in the end it all depends on the people over there. This movie shows you the hilarious side of things but the reality of things over in Uganda. This movie explains itself in the title. It’s about a girl and a guy who starts to fall head over heels for each other. Though this is a movie about love it also shows how it was overseas and the struggles that many faced.

The Election is about a school’s election for president. The school could care less about it, but there is one girl who is dying to win. A teacher running the election wants the girl, played by Reese Witherspoon, to lose. The movie is a fun and cute about how low everyone will go to get their way.
In the movie Saved it takes you through a Christian high school where everyone has drama some get pregnant, and others smoke. This movie teaches us that sometimes you have to just take things step by step. That no matter what, people make bad choices. It also shows the teens that don’ believe that even teenagers that are religious make mistakes to. Everyone is alike more then they think. This movie also shows you can get through anything with faith and God and making good choices.

Teen movies can be silly and plain old fun yet sometimes they are full of lessons and can help you make better choices. It’s up to you what kind of entertainment you choose to watch but no matter what, good choices in real life should be made.

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