#Filmvbull – Most Violent Cartoons

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Sometimes people forget that if they make something a cartoon, it’s not always suitable for children. Yet parents and adults still put their kids in front of it if it’s a cartoon. With Batman: The Animated Series, beware before you do this. Lots of blood, lots of violence and very brutal with blowing someone up even, especially for a cartoon. And to add death after this explosion of a human being, that’s much too much. Then the show goes on to the point that the Joker is killed by a kid. This is really insane stuff. Sure, it’s just a cartoon but you know that where there’s animation, there will be children watching.

Ninja Scroll
It seems that cartoons about Ninjas are super violent and Ninja Scroll, a Japaneses animated film, is pretty gory with plenty of blood. Add beheading, extreme violence, rape and nudity and this leads not only to what most Japanese ninja animation is all about but something that shouldn’t be animated and if so, have serious warnings for those who think, “It’s just a cartoon.”.

Violent cartoons are usually controversial. Just be sure that children aren’t set in front of them just because they are cartoons. Here @filmbull we keep you updated on everything about tv, movies and films. Be sure to check out our hundreds of movies at www.filmbull.com

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