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The Blind Side was originally a non-fiction book about real life pro football player Michael Oher. The story was adapted to film and stars Sandra Bullock and it also features Tim Mcgraw.
Bullock’s character is a successful and well-to-do Tennessean matriarch with two kinds a giant his and a giant house. After she meets Michael he becomes the top priority in her life. Micheal was pretty much abandoned in the projects by his crack addict mother and he had no way of taking care of himself properly. Bullock takes it upon herself to feed him and clothe him and offer him a place to stay at her house. Michael becomes a part of their family and Bullock enrolls him into a nice private school where the football team mistakenly thinks that due to Michael’s size and stature, he will be able to be a key player on the school’s football team.

As it turns out Michael is initially too tender of a person to excel at a heavy hitting contact sport like football. The coaches are disappointed but as they and his family continue to work with him, Michael gradually starts improving. On another front, he is struggling with his grades in school and no matter how good of a football player he becomes, he won’t have any future playing football in college if his grades aren’t good enough. As he slowly becomes a football star, offers from different colleges start pouring in and Michael is overwhelmed at all the new opportunities he is seeing in his life.

Because The Blind Side was a true story based on a real person the movie underwent a lot of scrutiny because of the way the Hollywood writers portrayed Michael. In the movie his is soft spoken and timid and for the majority of the time he hardly says a word. According to many people the real Michael Oher is nothing like that. He spoke his mind and spoke up for himself. It is assumed that the decision for the writers to portray Oher’s character as timid and insecure gentle giant was to make him more widely appealing to audiences. It was a cliché that the writers didn’t mind having in the movie but I think the film may have suffered because of it.
I think the best part of the Blind Side would be Sandra Bullock’s acting and surprisingly she is actually a good actress when she is able to branch out further than what we’ve seen in her other movies. The Blind Side makes me think that Sandra Bullock is as good as the story is and I see why she would jump at the chance for a lead role in a movie like this.

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#filmbull – That’s My Boy

Tasteless and not funny, That’s My Boy is full of jokes only dirty-minded kids would laugh at. While still a teenager, Donny Berger has a son named Todd. He is an obnoxious alcoholic from Boston. He’s single parent so he has to raise Todd all by himself until he turned 18. Years later, the father and son reunite just before Todd’s wedding. Donny ruins just about everything in Todd’s world. Parents are to be examples to their kids. How sad when the parent acts like a kid. Oh the choices we make can carry on for a lifetime and in this case, two lifetimes.

Filmbull – That 70’s Show

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Just about everyone you ask will know of or have watched “That 70’s Show”. It has great episodes of what many teens have to go through today (such as peer pressure, dealing with changes in their bodies, etc.) so many teens around the world can relate. Some remember their childhood as they watch this hilarious show. Some of the episodes include Prom Night, Drive In, First date, and The Third Wheel. This show brings the family together for a great time and brings them back to the era of the past, which helps to bridge the generation gap.