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#Filmbull Big Screen Rivals: Comedy vs. Horror

With both horrifying and comedic films being so readily available all over the Internet at places like, it’s no wonder why we’ve had to take this rivalry to the next level.

That’s right, today we’re pitting two polar opposite human emotions against one another in order to see which comes out on top: knee slapping comedies or teeth grinding horror flicks.


They say laughter is the best medicine and a good comedy does seem to have the ability to brighten any mood. With such a great tradition of comedic performances ranging from Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges all the way up to modern comedic geniuses like Will Farrell and Chevy Chase, this genre has been a staple in cinema since the invention of film.

It would be a shame for someone to go through life without enjoying such films as Vacation, The Jerk, Anchorman, or even one less known like the Canadian Super Troopers.

Horror films

Oh, the horror!. These “fright night” staples in movie cinema have been a classic Friday night date tradition since the invention of local drive-in’s.

Plus, the genre has created some of pop cultures biggest characters; so much so that merely mentioning one of these horror giants first name will trigger terrifying memories of experiencing these hits for the first time. Names like Jason, Freddy, or Michael instantly cause a rush of machete filled, razor-fingered, knife wielding maniacs to slash through your mind.


With the diversity and range of topics that comedic films can cover, they offer a lot of choices for movie goers. A good family comedy can be enjoyed by everyone while a raunchy romp can be a great night out with a date or even your buddies.

While horror movies might not be appropriate for the younger members of the family, they can fill the same date night/night out gap with friends. Plus, sharing a good scare isn’t that different fan experience rom a united laugh.


For a horror movie to be well received it has to be suspenseful and scary. On that same note, a comedy has to have certain qualities that make it entertaining and packed with elements that actually make diverse audience members laughs.

Rather obvious statements, don’t you think? But these are important elements that either genre needs to get right to be successful. They’re similar statements to saying action movies rely on an abundance of fight scenes and sci-fi films lean heavily on the special effects.

Regrettably, if a horror movie isn’t perceived as believable and its special effects are cheesy, it might have the fate of crossing over genres and being laughed at. Similarly, if a comedy doesn’t make you laugh, it can quickly become more painful to watch than a gory horror film.

The head-to-head battle

When it comes down to it, whether one chooses to watch a comedy or a horror film may simply depend on the kind of mood the viewer is in. Sometimes audiences want to laugh and other times they want to cringe, but which genre is it that they choose more often?

According to research done by Investopedia in which they looked at the top 20 films that returned the most on their investments, we came to a few conclusions.

First, the horror genre had the most films on the top 20 earners list and the least films in the bottom 20. Unfortunately, comedies fared just the opposite having only two movies on the top 20 list and dominating the worst investment list.

As a matter of fact, the horror film Paranormal Activity tops the list after being made on a small budget of only $15,000 and having a box office gross of an astonishing $161,830,890 for a return of 539,336.30%.

The closest a comedy came to competing with those stats is Napoleon Dynamite, whose $400,000 budget brought in a 5,667.62% return for its investors.

What does this prove? It proves that movie goers choose bloody bones over funny bones more consistently overall, forcing a decision that’s been decided by the masses.

And the winner is…Horror Films

Do you agree with our conclusion or do you see it going another way? Either way let the world hear what you have to say and leave your comments in the section below.

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Moira Kelly – has her

When you hear the name, Moira Kelly, you probably think of her role as Karen Roe on “One Tree Hill” or as adult Nala in “Disney’s Lion King”, but you may not know that she has played many other roles in several award-winning indie films like, “Henry Hill”, the story of a shy violinist who has a serious case of stage fright.

Moira’s career spans more than 10 years in film and television, where she starred as a main character and in supporting roles. Moira has had guest appearances on such television hits as, “To Have and to Hold”, “The West Wing”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Law and Order”, and “Heroes”. She has also provided the voice for Nala in all of the “Disney’s The Lion King” animated films, animated shorts and video games.

Moira is currently in the process of filming a new movie entitled “Taken Back” with Amanda Tapping and recently completed  the TV movie “A Smile as Big as the Moon” with John Corbett.

Her indie film, “Henry Hill” can be found at It is a dramedy with wonderful music and directed by David Kantar. “Henry Hill” will touch your heart and make you believe that anything is possible with a little bit of courage and encouragement. Visit Push Play now and you will be watching this heart-warming film within minutes.

Miss Castaway – A #FilmBull review

This hilarious 2004 spoof combines partial plot lines from “Castaway”, “Miss Congeniality” and “Austin Powers”, as a plane full of beauty pageant contestants fly from the U.S. to Japan for the Miss Galaxy Planet competition. The plane veers off course and ends up on deserted island. While trying to figure out a way to escape the island, the castaways make a startling discovery; Noah’s Ark, which could potentially threaten the universe if it’s not destroyed.

Just like other box office spoof hits, “Miss Castaway” will have you laughing until you cry. “Miss Castaway” stars acting legend Eric Roberts, Charlie Schlatter and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Directed by Bryan Michael Stoller, “Miss Castaway” takes an hilarious look at many of the blockbuster hits of 2004.

Everyone loves a spoof film. “Miss Castaway” has hilarity, adventure, fantasy, and an unreal plot. You don’t want to miss it. You can instantly stream this funny movie, as well as hundreds of others from the extensive library at Watch hard to find and indie films right from your computer, your mobile device and even your television. “Miss Castaway” is rated PG, which makes it a film the whole family can enjoy.