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Mine – Only on #filmbull

“Mine” is a gripping must-see directed by Geralyn Pezanoski. It has been touted as Oscar-worthy at many film festivals and called “the best movie at SXSW”.

This documentary focuses on the bond between people and animals; set in the south, immediately following one the the most major natural disasters in the United States, Hurricane Katrina. The story is a riveting tale with intense characters in New Orleans who try to rebuild their homes and their lives, and reunite with their pets who have been sent across the country and adopted. “Mine” follows the story of two families fighting for custody of the same pet both families love. Who will be the one who decides the fate of this animal, and the people who love it? With a powerful mediation regarding race, class and compassion, “Mine” takes a deep look at how animals are treated as a part of the family and how we, as humans, treat one another.

“Mine” is an emotionally charged film that will keep you engrossed and cheering at the outcome. This brilliant film has won the Audience Award for Documentary Feature at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival and was nominated for the Chlotrudis Award at the 2011 Chlotrudis Awards.

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